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Chronological and subject-based news and newspapers guides

Owing to licensing restrictions, these resources can only be accessed from British Library workstations within our London Reading Rooms.

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Chronological and subject-based news and newspaper guides

Title Brief Description Format
The British Cartoon Archive Online Catalogue
1904 to date
The British Cartoon Archive Online Catalogue contains images and details of over 120,000 cartoons published in the British press from 1904 to date. The records are of cartoon artwork, newspaper cuttings, photocopies etc held by the British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent.
This site is freely available on the Internet.
Online resource
Cartoons Database listing over 18,000 cartoons published in British newspapers, 1912-1990, compiled by the Centre for the Study of Cartoons and Caricature, University of Kent at Canterbury.
The Industrial Revolution : The Making of Modern Society Educational CD based on over 750 articles from The Times covering the period 1785 - 1900.
Keesings Online Culled from the world's press and information services, Keesing's distils political, economic and social events into concise, detailed reports. Events that may have taken days or weeks to unfold are meticulously edited down to essential information. From 1960 -
The Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers
1690 - 1783
Database of references to music, poetry (lyrics), dance, and theatre in 18th-century American newspapers, including those in the French and German languages. Originally published on CD, the data was recompiled for compatibility with the Internet. It is written entirely in HTML from the original data, with several corrections and emendations from later discoveries.
This site is freely available on the Internet.
Planet Earth Educational database of Environmental issues in The Times 1831-1995.