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Secondary Womens Liberation
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Join Polly Russell, Lead Curator for Contemporary Archives and Manuscripts, for a discussion on feminism. Polly was the British Library lead on Sisterhood and After, a project and website to create the UK’s first ever oral history archive of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

In this classroom-based talk, Polly will explore feminism as a counter-culture movement, discussing the ways that ideology propaganda promotes ‘traditional’ gender roles. She will examine some examples of how women contested this in practice in the 1970s and 1980s and invite students to reflect on gender issues today. The session will serve as an introduction to the Sisterhood and After site and includes a Q&A. The classroom-based talk takes place in the Learning Centre.

Note: Between 31 October - 28 February inclusive we will not be running this session on Tuesdays

Online Resources

Sisterhood and After: From Spare Rib to Greenham Common, explore the stories of the women who powered the UK Women’s Liberation Movement.


Age group: Year 10 - 13
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Length: 75 minutes. Please allow more time after your workshop to explore the galleries and public spaces.
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Key skills: History, Sociology, English
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