How can I use the images I order?


There are some restrictions on the way you can use images from the British Library and you may need to clear permissions before you can use them in the way you want

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You can use the images you order from British Library Imaging Services for personal, non-commercial purposes. This includes using them for your own reference or including them in an assignment for school or university. It also includes criticism, review and news reporting. Unless it’s impractical, you must acknowledge the source of the image.

If you want to reproduce the images you’ve ordered from us, for example in a publication or broadcast, you must apply for Permissions from the Library. You may also have to clear permission with the rights holder of the material you want to reproduce, if it’s still in copyright or contains copyrighted material.

You can apply for permissions from the British Library through our online form.

The Library will charge a fee for permission to reproduce our collections. This will be negotiated on a case by case basis based on our current permission fees schedule.

When reproducing images from the British Library, you should credit them using the phrase: “By permission of the British Library”. You must also include the British Library shelfmark or manuscript number in the credit.

You must always refer to and comply with the terms and conditions when using Imaging Services.