How to order/view catalogue items

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A guide to the order and view services available which are seen on records in the Library's catalogue, Explore the British Library

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How you order/view items differs depending on whether you’ve searched and found records in:

Note that Explore the British Library does not contain a record for all the items we hold. You will find much manuscript and archive material in Explore Archives and Manuscripts. Records for other items are only found on card catalogues. You can request these if you know the shelfmark.

How to order/view items found in the 'Main catalogue'

Click the 'I want this' tab to see the order/view options available:

Explore the British Library I want this tab

You will see one or more services:

The options available depend on the type of material and may depend on whether you are registered for our services.

Deliver item to

Printed items will offer one or two 'Deliver item to' services:

'Deliver item to' services available from records, of print items, in Explore the British Library

The first of these services is only available to Readers. The second service, available to everyone, is only seen on items in our remote supply collection.

View online

Everyone can view free online content immediately. Content that is free online includes:

  • EU Bookshop documents
  • items in our collection digitised by Microsoft
  • items in our collection digitised by Google
  • digitised playbills
  • some archived websites
  • US Government documents
  • content on open access platforms.

Some online content – legal deposit or licensed – is only available to Readers using the Library’s PCS in our Reading Rooms. If you are not a Reader, and there are no other services available for the item, you will see the ‘No access’ message:

Catalogue message: No access to full text online

Search for

Publishers send us non-print legal deposit journals, and licensed journals. This content is deposited at article or issue level. Our catalogue contains records for these articles and issues from which you can view the content. Our catalogue also contains journal title records for this content but you cannot view the content from the title record. At title level you have to search for the article/issue records, from which you can view the content.

Catalogue service: Search for article or issue records

Note: Non-print legal deposit, and licensed content, can only be viewed online by Readers using Library PCs in our Reading Rooms.

How to

You cannot access some content directly from services in the 'I want this' tab. Instead you’ll see a message with information on how to listen to, or view, these items. You will see this for some records of items in our Sound Archive and for all records of items in our Trade Literature collection.

Catalogue message - How to listen to Sound Collection items

Catalogue message - How to view Trade Literature collections items

How to view item found in 'Our website'

If you search ‘Our website’ you will find records for:

  • British Library webs pages
  • Reports
  • Images.

To see the web pages/reports/images, click the 'I want this' tab and records will display the View online’ service:

Catalogue message - View online: British Library web page or image or document

How to view items found in 'Explore Further'

Not all items found in ‘Explore Further' contain links to the full text. Where they do, in the main, you will find the link to view the online content in the 'Details' tab, not the 'I want this' tab. You will see the link to the full text on the right-hand side of the 'Details' tab. The link may include a note specifying that access is to subscribed content:

Explore Further record with link to full text in Details tab

Subscribed content is only available to Readers, using the Library’s PCs in our Reading Rooms. Not all subscribed content is flagged as such.

The link in the 'Details' tab may be to the record on the publisher’s website:

Explore Further record with link to record on Publisher's website in Details tab

Full text may be available from the record on the publisher’s website; but the content may be subscribed and only available to Readers.

Some of the links in the 'Details' tab are to citation databases (e.g. Scopus or Web of Science). Full text may not be available.

If you do not find a link in the 'Details' tab you may find one in the 'I want this' tab. Most, but not all, of the links in the 'I want this' tab are for subscribed content and only available to Readers. If you are not a Reader, or are a Reader using your own laptop/mobile/device, you are more likely to see the ‘No access message:

Catalogue message: No access to full text online