Buy quality images and scans of fascinating material from the British Library’s collections
to use for study, publication or broadcast.

Revive your organisation's own collections with our managed digitisation services. We can
manage your project from start to finish and are experts in handling rare and fragile material.

For copies of contemporary research content, such as journal articles and book chapters,
please use British Library On Demand.

What you need to know

Ordering images

All you need to know about ordering scans or photographs of British Library collection items

Managed digitisation

Find out how our digitisation experts can help you and your organisation digitise your archives

Specialist imaging

We have specialist expertise in handling a range of material types and managing complex preservation requirements

Case studies

…British Library Imaging Services have backed up their reputation with a quality service to deliver scans and metadata…

British Library Imaging Services brought thousands of items from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s archives back to life and introduced them to new audiences

…A quick look at the British Library's extensive holdings confirmed they had what we needed to make the complete archive…

Guilford Publications made use of the British Library collections when digitising with British Library Imaging Services.


New Imaging Services prices from 1 August are now on our pricing pages

9 June 2016

Prices will be updated for British Library Imaging Services for 2016/17 on 1 August

The British Library at UKSG 39th Annual Conference and Exhibition

22 March 2016

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