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bullet you are responsible for IP commercialisation in your university  

Our team of experts provide cost-effective, structured reports in any area, and can deliver the results to meet your deadline and budget. To discuss your requirements in more detail, contact or call Nigel Spencer on 020 7412 7903.

bullet you or your patent agent do complex patent searches  
bullet you are involved in business development in unfamiliar research fields  
bullet you are seeking a business partner for collaboration  
bullet you need to assess the market value of a new idea  
bullet you manage a proof of concept fund  

Patent prior art search
Knowlege Transfer
Establish the novelty of an idea, uncover existing prior art, identify key inventors, and receive regular patent updates. We provide expert, cost-effective international patent searching, with reports to meet your individual requirements. We can search across all areas including expert chemical structure searching.
Market or industry briefing
Knowlege Transfer
Market size and key players, new trends, innovations, regulatory frameworks, and any other market information can be included in these structured market briefings. Regular update briefings can also be provided on an industry, competitor or field of research.
Company data
Knowlege Transfer
We can provide tailored financial and market data on any company, or build contact lists of potential business partners in your chosen field.
Research journal search
Knowlege Transfer
Uncover the latest published research from journals, conferences and specialist reports in any field of study. We can provide a comprehensive list of references on any research subject. Full-text copies of the articles or publications can also be provided.

Prices are based on an hourly rate of £87 (+VAT). For knowledge transfer offices, discounts are available. A standard patent prior art search costs £150, and we will provide a quotation on request for all other work.

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