Map of Barbados, 1675

This map of Barbados is interesting for what it leaves out as well as what it shows. It claims to show ‘every Parish, Plantation, Windmill, Watermill and Cattlemill...and all things...Remarkable’ according to an ‘Exact Survey’. The map does contain a wide variety of information about society and politics in Barbados. Surprisingly, however, the mapmaker has left out a number of important places. Although King Charles II had commanded that the island’s many churches and fortifications be shown on the map, none of them are actually mentioned.  Richard Forde, who made the map, was a Quaker, and a pacifist, and he disapproved of the established English church. He therefore decided to represent Barbados as if the churches and fortifications did not exist.

Taken from: Map of Barbadoes
Author / Creator: Forde, Richard
Date: 1675
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: Maps 185 m.1 (17)