Map of Paradise or the Garden of Eden, 1690

This may appear to be a straightforward map of the Middle East. However, closer inspection will reveal some extraordinary details. The picture in the top right hand corner shows Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, while a number of descriptions on the map refer to other stories from the Bible.

The map was made in 1675, and appeared at a time when Protestants in England believed, very literally, in the truth of the Bible. Adam and Eve, Noah's flood, Joseph and his coat of many colours: all these stories were believed to be actual historical events. As a result, Paradise (or Eden) was often shown on maps, as if these stories had really happened. The following references to biblical stories also appear on the map:

'Ninevah where Jonas preached'

'Jonas flies from the land'

'The way that Jacob with his family and cattle travelled when he fled from his father-in-law Laban to his own countrie (sic)'

'That is the Kingdom of Sheba from whence the Queen of Sheba came to hear the wisdom of Salomon (sic) and presented him with gold, jewels etc.'

'The mountains of Ararvat where the Ark of Noah rested (with a small picture of the Ark alongside)'


Taken from: Paradise or the Garden of Eden with the Countries circumjacent inhabited by the Patriarchs.
Author / Creator: Moxon, Joseph
Date: 1690
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: Maps.*700.(1)