Mapping History


These maps tell strange and fascinating tales. Look closely and you’ll find imagined lands, Queen’s tantrums, utopias and children’s puzzles. You’ll see Adam and Eve, a moon maiden, a symbolic knight, and wealthy show-offs. You’ll also discover the secrets of military campaigns, and read of urban rioters and scheming prisoners.

You may think of maps as realistic, factual illustrations. While some maps deliberately set out to deceive, others simply show a selective view and reflect only the interests of the people who made them. This collection is a reminder that there is often more to a map than meets the eye.

Mapping ideas

Explore the way that maps have helped to spread ideas and to create new thoughts.


Deception, lies, and made-up lands

Navigate your way through a jungle of crafty lies and half truths.


Worlds at war

Unearth a diverse range of war maps, and see how maps play a central part in war time strategies.


Wealth and Poverty

Travel to wealthy worlds and poverty stricken cities, and see how maps can reflect both money and class.