Plan of Robert Langford’s house and garden on Hornsey Lane, c.1770

Can maps help us feel more important than we really are? This map almost certainly gave its owner a greater sense of self importance.

Robert Langford was a successful 18th century London businessman, who in the 1770s commissioned a surveyor to draw up a plan for his new Highgate house and garden the kind of thing that, at that time, only great landowners would have done. The surveyor was John Waddington - you can just make out his name in the bottom corner of the plan.

The map includes a miniature plan and view of the house from the road. Langford's estate was too small for the plan to serve much practical purpose, but the map must have made Langford feel like a grand Lord of the manor.

Taken from: Plan of Robert Langford’s house and garden
Author / Creator: Waddington, John
Date: c.1770
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
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