Wealth and Poverty

The maps in this section revolve around the themes of money and class. Elegant, intricately crafted maps can act as powerful instruments, helping landowners to show off their wealth. The maps, shown here, of Hornsey Lane and Luton Hoo are two examples of this.

But the other maps in this section were intended to serve a more practical purpose. Booth's Victorian poverty map records the divisions in wealth between the richest and poorest Londoners. While Charles Goad's map shows the value of property in Victorian London, and was designed to help estimate insurance rates.

There are also maps relating to two different groups of social reformers, Victorian and Edwardian, who have mapped out their ideas for future utopias.

Booth's Poverty Map

Map of Luton Hoo

Insurance Map

Map of Robert Langford's estate

Map of Chartist utopia

Plan for Hampstead Garden Suburb