Island Mentality

Be the ruler of your very own island. Convert the area where you live into an island paradise (unless you already live on island paradise of course!)

  • Access to find an aerial photograph of where you live. Zoom in as close as you can get. If your area is not covered use a large scale map instead.(see Map image)
  • Download the photograph to your computer and save it in a file (PC users - hit the 'Print Screen' key. In your image manipulation programme, open a new file the same size as your screen. Paste the "screen grab" into the new file. Mac users click and hold down mouse button. Nudge mouse to the right, select download image to disk). (Image 1)
  • Use an image manipulation program to turn the photograph of your area into an island. Decide on where you would like the coastline to be and paint out everything you would like to be flooded with an appropriate sea colour. Add beaches and harbours as you wish.
  • Work in a similar way on the interior of your island. You can 'airbrush' out anything you don't like and add anything you do (fancy your own heliport for instance?). You could download features from another part of the country or a real island and cut, copy and paste them into your domain. (see Island 1 image)
  • Give features names by typing text over your image.
  • Add textures and filters to make your image look like an old photograph or a satellite view from outerspace. (see Island 2 image)
  • Print out your image for your Research Book and use the print to help you to produce a hand drawn map. Convert features into signs and symbols. (see My Island image)


Photos used to create an island


Image of created island
Island 2

Island 2


Drawing of created island
My Island

My Island


World Football

Although the island may seem remote today, during the 8th and 9th centuries Lindisfarne was on a major international shipping highway and a stopping off point for all manner of travellers. People from as far away as the Middle East and Africa visited and brought with them new ideas and technologies.

In our own time the Football Club has begun to take on a similar role to the Monastery. Players, coaching and medical staff, business people and supporters all come together from all over the world to worship the club and its team. Produce a painting to celebrate the multi-national culture of your favorite football club.

  • Access the club's website to check the current strip, squad numbers and origins of the players. If any of the team are from places that you don't recognize, look them up in an atlas.
  • Make a small template cut from thin card of the outline of a football shirt and shorts.
  • Use this to draw around on a page of your Research Book to build up a repeat pattern of the full squad of players. Leave a small space under each shape so that you can write in the name and country of origin of each player.
  • Sketch in the squad number on the back of each shirt. Add any further details, stripes, hoops etc.
  • Paint with a very small brush. Use your own paints if you can mix the correct colours. If not use watercolours or crayons. (see World Football image)
  • While you're at it, paint a small icon in homage to your favourite player. Surround the holy shirt with gold paper! (see Shearer image)


Image of football team
World Football

World Football


Shearer football shirt drawing on stained paper