Illuminating the alphabet

The alphabet gallery presents a selection of posters, each of which represents a different letter. The posters were created by writers and typographic designers, who were paired randomly, given an individual letter of the alphabet as their starting point, and asked to create an image for that letter.

Enlarge the images to see each poster in detail. What is each image made up of? How does the text work with the image?

Why did each pair choose to represent their letter in this way?

Put yourself in their shoes. What does A mean to you? Or B? And on through the alphabet to Z? A letter might suggest a story, a poem, a thought or a memory. How do you research a letter? How would you represent your thoughts and findings visually, on a typographic poster?

The posters appeared in 26 Letters: Illuminating the Alphabet , a book edited by Freda Sack, John Simmons and Tim Rich and an exhibition held at the British Library in autumn 2004. Both were part of the London Design Festival.

Some of the posters are difficult to read on screen. Click here to read transcripts of R, X, Z, J and I.