Make Yourself Heard

The second step of the Campaign! Make an Impact model is to explore the different tactics and skills used by historical and modern day campaigners to get their messages across.

After viewing the different types of media used by campaigners in this section, you will be better equipped to make yourself heard!

Use these sources together with the downloadable PDF lesson plans on the Teaching Resources page.

Visual Communication

Photographer Pete Pattisson discusses how images were used to help abolish the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and how he uses his photographs to campaign today.
Curator Katya Rogatchevskaia discuses the techniques used in Russian propaganda posters and how posters can be used to campaign today.
Graphic designer Orlagh O'Brien talks branding and why it is important for a campaign to have a strong visual identity.

Spoken Communication

Poet David Neita discusses how poetry has been used to campaign in the past and how he uses his poetry to campaign today.
Curator Rob Perks discusses campaigning speeches by Christabel Pankhurst and Ann Widdecombe MP.
Senior Clerk to the House of Commons, Robert Rogers discusses the importance of debates and how they can be used to help campaigns.

Written Communication

Curator Andy Simons discusses how leaflets and pamphlets were used by all sides during the Northern Ireland conflict and how they can be used by campaigners today.
Dr. Caroline Bressey discusses how newspapers have been used to campaign for electoral reforms and how they were used to fight racism 1930s in Britain.