Programme background

Campaign! Make an Impact has been funded through the DCMS/DfE Strategic Commissioning Programme 2006-2011.

About the programme

This cross curricular programme uses historical campaigns to inspire and teach campaign communication skills, enabling children and young people to run their own campaigns about issues that affect them today.

It works through a three step model that first encourages schools and local museums to work together, using museum collections and classroom resources to help young people understand historical campaigns

Next, the students explore the creative techniques that were used by historical campaigners. Finally they run a campaign on a subject of their own choosing such as bullying, knife crime or the environment. Bringing history and citizenship together deepens the learning experience.

Young people leave the programme feeling that they know and are able to change aspects of their world, a valuable lesson that helps increase self esteem.

Further information is available to download here in PDF format (6MB).