Thoughts on Campaign! Make an Impact

Young people who have previously taken part in Campaign! Make an Impact have said the following about the programme...


"This is the best project I’ve ever done"

Jessica, Year 6, St Mary's RC Primary School

“I can do things if I try”
“you can do anything if you put your mind to it”
"I used to think museums are boring places with a couple of paintings and lots of space but I think now my mind has changed completely"

Parklands School, Leeds

"It's really important to make your voice heard if you feel passionate about something ... you have to go out there and make a difference"
"Thomas Clarkson campaigned for years and years - it takes time"
"I find it easier to take what I have learnt & use it in real life"
"I couldn't campaign as well before & I now have the skills to make a difference if I want to"

Farlingaye School

"I never knew history was so interesting"
Alice, Year 6, St Mary's RC Primary School working with Dales Countryside Museum

Teachers and museum educators who have previously run Campaign! Make an Impact projects have said the following about the programme...


"I have learnt new ways of inspiring children about local knowledge."
Head of History, Carisbrooke High School

"I would say that the children are very enthusiastic about it and want to learn. They are excited about creating their own campaigns. From my point of view the children are learning valuable historical and citizenship skills which will help them in these and other subjects."
Head of History, Lake Middle School

"We'll definitely use the CMAI handbook resources with our GCSE and A-Level citizenship group. Any additional resources are welcome".
Citizenship teacher, Sandown High School

“The historical campaign also had a task where students had to write a piece about what they had learned, and the quality of the work is absolutely amazing…………. it has been a really rewarding project, I have never enjoyed working on a project this much in my 15 year museum career!"