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Food, Nation and Cultural Identity

Explore the relationships between food and cultural identity, and see how these alter, merge and change over time and space.


Ritual and Tradition

Find out about the diverse rituals and traditions that are practiced in the UK, and investigate the ways in which these shift and adapt over time.


Retail Experience

Examine corner shops, supermarkets and fish stalls and see how shopping for food has been transformed over the last century.


Consumer Knowledge and Power

Find out about the powers you have as a consumer to influence the way food is produced, manufactured and sold.


Changes in Eating Habits

Explore the dramatic ways in which our eating patterns have changed over the last century, and get an insite into the habits of past generations


Food and Regulation

Explore the ways in which our food system is regulated and controlled - through government laws and policies, consumer pressure groups and the attitudes of shoppers themselves.


Technology and Change

See how modern technologies such as refrigeration, transportation and mechanised farming methods have transformed the food industry over the past century.