How to navigate the site

From the Sacred Texts homepage, you can access both the Sacred Stories and the Understanding Sacred Texts interactives, as well as learn in detail about items from the British Library's extensive collection of sacred texts.

To access either of the learning interactives, click on the 'Launch the Interactive' icon on the homepage.

On entering either Sacred Stories , select one of the six revolving books, each representing a different religion. Each book provides access to two animated and narrated stories from one of the six religions. Once a text and story have been chosen, the book will open and a story will be told.

On entering Understanding Sacred Texts , you are given the choice of exploring one of the sacred texts of each of the three Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Once a text, for example the Christian Bible, has been selected, a panel appears with a set of themes listed below it. Click on a theme to explore it further. A list of questions will appear. By moving the cursor to each question, you are able to see which of the panel of 'experts' will answer that question - the others will disappear. To put a question to an 'expert', use the cursor to drag that question on to the person.

For further guidance on how to navigate the interactive, please refer to the Teachers' Notes, accessible via the homepage.

Installing plugins

Sacred Texts has been designed to work correctly in the IE5+ browser on PC as well as the Netscape 6+, Mozilla 1, Firefox 1+, Opera 7 and Solaris 1 browsers.

Internet Explorer updates for Mac have been discontinued and Flash Player 8 is not supported. You will need to use an alternative browser such as Safari  which can be downloaded from the Apple website.

In order to use the interactive applications and the view the video content of Sacred Texts, you may need to install additional web browser plugins onto your computer.

Sacred Stories and Understanding Sacred Texts both require Flash Player. This can be downloaded from the Adobe website for both Windows and Mac users.

NB Users with Mac OS X v10.1 or later (Power PC) should select option one. Users with Mac OS X v10.4x or later (Intel) should select option two.

To download both the Teachers' Notes and the Student Activities as PDFs requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can also be downloaded from the Adobe website.

If you are still experiencing problems accessing the content of the website and your computer is running on a network, it might be necessary for you to seek advice from the technician for that network.

If you are having problems using the Sacred Texts interactives and these cannot be solved by the installation of appropriate software, please feel free to contact us at