The interactive content of Sacred Texts was designed and developed by GR/DD, a graphic and interactive design consultancy.

The Learning team thanks the following people for their assistance in this project:

Professor Terence Copley (Oxford University)

Harriet Crabtree (Interfaith Network)

Aviva Dautch (Board of Deputies for British Jews)

Helen Gilbert (St Ethelburgas)

Professor M. D. Hooker (Cambridge University)

John Keast (DFES/QCA)

Dr Ed Kessler (Centre for the Study of Jewish Christian Relations)

Jo Kingston (Haberdashers' Askes School)

Jay Lakhani (Hindu Council of Britain)

Clive Lawton

Ruth Anne Lenga (Institute of Education)

Tony Parfitt (RE Online)

Jo Pearce (Raynes Park High School)

Zuleika Price (City and Islington)

Lesley Prior (Institute of Education)

Rosemary Rivette (RE Today)

Stephen Shashoua (Three Faiths Forum)

Matt Casswell

And all the interviewees who took part in the making of the Understanding Sacred Texts interactive.