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The UK is often portrayed as a country founded on the ideals of liberty. But the rights and freedoms we enjoy today have a 900 year old history of struggle – and the struggle still continues today.

This interactive will place you right in the centre of some of today’s most contentious debates about human rights. You can explore issues such as detention without charge, monarchy versus republic, votes at 16, euthanasia and equality at work.

As you give your answers you can see, in clear and innovative 3D graphics, how your views compare with those of other users. Are you content with things as they stand or do you want change? How do you balance societal order with the individual’s right to freedom? How might you express your views in the real world?

Visit the Taking Liberties website to find out more about Britain's struggle for freedoms and rights.

Teachers' Notes

Teachers' notes to accompany the Taking Liberties interactive are available to download here.

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