Past projects


'Welcome', chalk text in doorway

  1. Chose an appropriate doorway or step for your Welcome stencil.
  2. Sprinkle chalk dust / cocoa / dust removed from your vacuum cleaner over the surface.
  3. Remove stencil carefully to avoid disturbing dust.
  4. Observe as people pass over your Welcome, inadvertently destroying one artwork and creating another.

Inside/Outside: A Book in Thirty Parts

'Inside/Outside' installation

A large-scale foldout book containing photographs of drawer-linings removed from cupboards and wardrobes at David Lay auctioneers, Cornwall. Inside/Outside is designed to be so precious as to be both intriguing and repellent to the viewer, mimicking our own instincts when faced with a stranger's cupboard. A story runs through the 30 copies that can only be read in full when the edition is complete.

Memorial to the Named & the Faceless

'Walter Nicholls', recycled knitted text

Memorial to the Named & the Faceless began when I chanced upon a knitted jumper with a nametape stubbornly clinging to the collar in a local charity shop. This reference to a real person who I would never meet, but whose clothes I was holding, was intriguing.

A pattern is drawn up for the item of clothing, based on the text in the original nametape. Each item of clothing is ‘un-knitted’ and then re-knitted following this pattern. The size of the work is dictated by the amount of wool used to knit the original garment: the bigger the item of clothing, the bigger the text-piece.

Once More, with Feeling

'Room', a book created by visitors on a photocopier and compiled with other items from around the installation

Work informed by The Salt Gallery’s previous life as Hayle Kindergarten and Preparatory School, exploring learning and repetition.

Conversations with former pupils of Hayle Kindergarten and Preparatory School, Cornwall, early on in the project, inspired thoughts around the theme of ‘learning by rote’. This method of learning through repetition was examined through a series of different works. For example people were asked to create their own book on a photocopier using an image that degraded each time it was copied. The book could be then be taken home as a souvenir of the show.

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