Chino Otsuka

1982 and 2005 Paris, France - Double self portrait

Chino Otsuka, a fine art photographer, was the Pearson Creative Research Fellow for 2007-2008. Based within the Learning team at the British Library, Chino delved into the collections and shared her findings through creative projects and workshops with young people.

During her time at the Library Chino worked on several different projects. As well as researching specific collection areas, she also led two Young Researchers projects inspired by the Breaking the Rules: The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900-1937 exhibition and created a final exhibition entitled Memoriography.

About Chino Otsuka

Find out more about Chino and her past projects.


Chino's research

Let Chino take you on a journey through British Library collections, featuring Victorian family albums, Japanese steam ships and avant garde artists.

Memoriography Exhibition


Find out about Chino’s final exhibition, Memoriography, and how the British Library collections inspired her