Research skills


Research is searching carefully, with a method, so that you can answer a question. It is wider than finding out a fact and more focused than reading widely around a subject.

You may find these tips useful if you are new to research, or are introducing sustained research tasks for the first time. For secondary school groups, find out more about our Research Matters and Digital Pathways workshops.

Research Matters

Research Matters

Ideal for a first visit, this cross-curricular, creative workshop introduces students to the concept of research.

Digital Pathways

Digital Research

Digital Research develops online research skills through an enquiry-led session.


Creative research ideas

Some inspiring ideas to make your research process more interesting.


Planning for students to do research

Useful tips for teachers introducing research tasks for the first time.


Thinking skills activities

Effective activities for teaching thinking and research skills.

British Library St Pancras

Using the British Library

How the British Library works and how to make the best use of it.


Links to research skills sites

Websites about thinking skills, research ideas and young researchers