Delightes for Ladies

Sir Hugh Platt wrote perhaps the most charming and well-written sweets recipe book of all, dedicated to the ladies of leisure who were his target readership. The art of preserving and candying fruit had by this time become a ladylike diversion as well as a professional business -- due to the high price of imported sugar, sweets were still an expensive luxury enjoyed only by a few. His dedicatory poem, reproduced here, is a useful inventory of sweets in favour in the 16th and early 17th century, including sucket (candied lemon and orange peel) and marchpanes: a type of hard marzipan modelled into diverse shapes for the table, and not always edible.

Taken from: Delightes for Ladies
Author / Creator: Sir Hugh Platt
Publisher: Peter Short
Date: 1602
Copyright: © The British Library Board
Shelfmark: G16437