Skuse's Complete Confectioner, 11th Edition

Mass production methods revolutionised sweetmaking from the 1860s on. Specialised machines were the key to the new confectionery industry in Britain and America, and new technology remains a central concern of the modern confectionery business. Chocolate enrobing machines, almond blanchers, coconut graters, lollipop makers -- there was a specially designed machine for every one of the finicky jobs involved in sweetmaking, and manuals such as Skuse's Complete Confectioner showcased the latest contraptions, such as these caramel machines. Commercial sweetmaking is still veiled in secrecy, because individual machines are often customised to create that special new sweet.


Taken from: Skuse's Complete Confectioner
Author / Creator: W. J. Bush & Co., Limited
Publisher: W. J. Bush & Co., Limited
Date: 1921
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