Sweet Dishes: A Little Treatise

'Wyvern' was the pen-name of one Colonel Kenney-Herbert of the Madras Mail newspaper, and he was the leading cookery writer of the British Raj in India. His attitude to cuisine was typical of the colonial class in India in the 19th century, in that despite the fact that India had an enviable tradition of cookery, native servants were obliged to emulate traditional English foods, including steamed puddings such as plum duff. These pages show some of the 25 recipes Wyvern gives for what he calls 'plain puddings' (categorised in a section called 'Puddings -- Class III'). Most Indian cooks had great difficulty perfecting such puddings -- the only recipe generally mastered was that for creme caramel, which became so ubiquitous it was nicknamed '365' by the British.


Taken from: Sweet Dishes
Author / Creator: 'Wyvern' (Colonel Kenney-Herbert)
Publisher: Higginbotham and Co.
Date: 1881
Copyright: © The British Library Board
Shelfmark: T12651