A Vindication of Sugars

Generally speaking, sugar was considered beneficial to health right up until the 1970s, when the new science of nutrition began speculating about its supposed links with heart disease and a host of other diseases. Dr Slare's Vindication is an early example of a defence of sugar, written in response to an attack by another physician. In fact, Dr Slare is something of a sugar fanatic, adding it to his wine, using it as snuff and even as a toothpaste. This page contains one of his case studies supporting the case for sugar: the Duke of Beaufort supposedly lived to a ripe old age by eating large quantities of sweets after dinner every night for at least 40 years.


Taken from: A Vindication of Sugars
Author / Creator: Dr Frederick Snare
Publisher: Tim. Goodwin
Date: 1715
Copyright: © The British Library Board
Shelfmark: 778e.5