Most of us lie and get lied to every single day. We say we're fine when we're actually having a bad day. We lie to protect the feelings of others, to get out of trouble and to get what we want. Our newspapers lie, our politicians lie, our parents lie. Considering how surrounded we are by lies, we ought to be experts in telling fact from fiction: but are we?

The Disinformation movie

Click the image or link below to watch the movie. While you watch, test how good you are at sorting fact from fib. All the stories in the movie are about lies. Some of them have been completely made up by us. The others are lies invented by real people in history. Can you tell which ones are which? Take notes, and then check your answers on the answers page.

Launch the Disinformation movie

Which stories do you think actually happened? How did you make your decisions: instinct, experience, pre-existing knowledge, common sense or your own research? Which tricks have been employed to fool you either way? Click here to check if you are right? Are you surprised by any of the answers? Or did you predict that it might be easier to tell truth from lies than to tell true lies from made up lies?

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