Sending a rocket into space

flying round the world


Consider the following questions:

  • Is it possible to compile a 'universal' collection of knowledge?
  • Do you believe that all knowledge is definable?
  • Is it possible to articulate all knowledge? Are there other ways to communicate ideas other than through words?

If you were to compile a collection of objects to represent the world what would it include? Whilst compiling his library, King George sought guidance from his wisest advisors. Who would you ask to advise you?

Rocket activity:

Imagine you are constructing a rocket to send information about the world into space. The information will give an impression of the world to alien beings. The interior of the rocket will be lined with drawers. How will you label the drawers, and what objects will you choose to place inside them? Will the aliens be able to understand your system of categorisation? Fill in the labels of the drawers below.

Image of Unlabled Drawers

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