From medieval pattern books to Punk magazines, these resources cover a fascinating range of historical, social and cultural topics.

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Sisterhood and After: An Oral History of the Women's Liberation Movement

Sisterhood and After: An Oral History of the Women’s Liberation Movement

From Spare Rib to Greenham Common, explore the stories of the women who powered the UK Women’s Liberation Movement.
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Timelines: sources from history

Timelines: Sources from History

From medieval times to the present day, explore collection items chronologically in this beautiful interactive timeline.

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Making Home in Britain

Asians in Britain

Focusing on the period 1858-1950, explore the rich and varied contributions South Asians have made to British life.

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Medieval Realms

Medieval Realms

Travel back to medieval times to investigate the everyday and the extraordinary.
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Making An Impact

Campaign for Abolition

Explore historical sources from the campaign to abolish the slave trade.
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Georgians (1714 - 1830)


Sprawling cities, gin addiction and the origins of consumer culture: explore the chaos and complexity of Georgian life.
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Citizenship: Dreamers and Dissenters

Dreamers and Dissenters

Find out about the rule breakers, radicals and reformers of past centuries.
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Victorians (1837 - 1901)


Explore the fascinating and varied lives of people in Victorian Britain between 1837 and 1901.
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Voices of the Holocaust

Voices of the Holocaust

Listen to the moving stories of Jewish Holocaust survivors from Hitler’s reign.
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