Catherine Hayes Burnt Alive for The Murder of Her Husband 1


Catherine Hayes murdered her husband with the help of two other men, Thomas Wood and Thomas Billings in 1726. Hayes and her accomplices got the husband drunk, killed him and disposed of his body. Hayes' story is told over five pages of The Newgate Calendar, a popular compilation of stories outlining the crimes, trials and punishments of notorious criminals.

Catherine Hayes is portrayed as the ringleader of the three murderers, who used her cunning to persuade Wood and Billings join her in the crime. Hayes was one of the last women ever to be burned at Tyburn.

Taken from: The Newgate Calender
Author / Creator: Compiled by Andrew Knapp and William Baldwin
Publisher: J Robin and Co.
Date: 1824 - 1828
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 1379.h.12