Police Sergeant charged with assault

Detail of Police sergeant charged with assault
Police sergeant charged with assault


This article comes from The Times newspaper on 31 August 1903. It describes the appearance in court of Police Sergeant Pope following an assault on the editor of the Crusader (a journal sympathetic to the Passive Resistance movement), Mr Edmonds Sears.

Passive Resisters were Nonconformist Protestants not joined with the Church of England. The 1902 Education Act integrated church schools into the state school system, which was supported by taxes. Because the majority of church schools were Church of England, the Nonconformists argued that they would have to pay for religious education they believed was false. A National Passive Resistance Committee was formed many Nonconformists had been imprisoned for refusing to pay their school taxes.

Taken from: The Times, page 11, column c
Date: 31 August 1903
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
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