Fraffly Strine Everything


Fraffly Strine Everything by Afferbeck Lauder was published in 1969. Lauder attempts to capture the sound of certain accents. The character on the left speaks 'strine' -a caricatured Australian accent, and the character on the right speaks 'fraffly' -a caricatured posh English accent.

It may be difficult to make sense of the passages unless you read them aloud. Pulling the right face helps. To get you started, the first line in Strine translates as 'yes but use your nut (head)'...

Taken from: Fraffly Strine Everything
Author / Creator: Afferbeck Lauder
Publisher: Ure Smith Pty Ltd.
Date: 1969
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: X.989/6419