It so happen

Elmina Griffith had two boyfriends. One was short and one was tall. One was ugly and the other was goodlooking. One had a lot o' money and the other didn't have none. And Elmina did like all two of them.

But from the start she grandmother was giving trouble when it come to this boy-talk. She start from the time she first see Elmina with James. James was the short one, the one who was ugly and didn't have no money neither. One night he come home there and sit down and talk to the grandmother and grandfather good good, and they was talking to he nice nice too, trying to find out things 'bout he and where he come from and who he family is, and when James get up and went 'long, seeing that he ain't going get no chance to talk lovey-dovey with Elmina that night, the grandmother ups and says:

'But Elmina, what you getting on with though? This is what I bring you up to do? You mother gone and dead and lef' me with you, and looka how you wanta mek she memory shame after I try so hard with you. What a young little-girl like you want with boyfriend already? When I was your age I couldn't even look at a man, and now you got them coming in the house and sitting down in all o' we morris chairs like if they own the place.'


It So Happen (1975) was written by Timothy Callender, who grew up in Barbados and spent most of his working life there.

This source is written in Bajan, a dialect of Barbados. Elmina is 26 and her grandmother is determined she should marry the right man.

Taken from: It so happen
Author / Creator: Timothy Callender
Publisher: Heinemann
Date: 1991
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: H.92/1436