The Vulgar Tongue - slang dictionary


The Vulgar Tongue was published in 1859. This excerpt shows that slang was nothing new in the 17th century, and that it was a constantly evolving form of speech.

The Canting Academy, or Devils Cabinet opened, by Richard Head was first published in 1673. It records the customs, phrases and songs of urban villains and scoundrels. The book contains one of England 's first dictionaries of criminal slang.

Poverty, Mendicity and Crime was published in 1839, and also includes a Dictionary of the Flash or Cant Language, known to every thief and beggar.

Taken from: The Vulgar Tongue
Author / Creator: Ducange Anglicus
Publisher: Bernard Quaritch
Date: 1859
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 12983.b.15