Historical sources

This section explores a variety of sources from the campaign for sanitary reform: from cartoons published in Punch magazine and extracts from other journals and newspapers to Edwin Chadwick's Report on the Sanitary Conditions of the Labouring Population.

You should remember that many of these sources were created for a specific purpose and therefore might be subject to bias, presenting only one view point or excluding crucial facts and information.

Source 1 - A letter to the Morning Chronicle

Source 2 - Deaths from cholera on September 24th 1849

Source 3 - Metropolitan Sanitary Association

Source 4 - Health of Towns Association

Source 5 - Sanitary Map of Leeds

Source 6 - A description of Leeds

Source 7 - Age of death across society

Source 8 - Causes of death in Leeds (1840)

Source 9 - Condition of the streets of Leeds

Source 10 - The spread of cholera in Leeds

Source 11 - Baptisms and deaths in Leeds (1832)

Source 12 - The Broad Street Pump

Source 13 - Map of Broad Street

Source 14 - A drop of London Water

Source 15 - Father Thames

Source 16 - Extract from 'To Working Men'

Source 17 - Opponents to sanitary reform