Source 1 - The Dignity of the Franchise

This cartoon was originally published in 1905 in Punch, a weekly magazine founded in 1841. The magazine was one of the most successful periodicals of its day, perhaps because of its satirical and humorous yet inoffensive interpretations of topical subjects, events and debates.

This cartoon depicts a well-dressed woman. She is being addressed by a man, a 'qualified voter', who points out that while she pays taxes and has responsibilities, she is not, as he is, entitled to the vote.

  • Do you think images are an effective way of communicating a campaign message?
  • Describe in more detail the situation depicted here. Look closely at the characters - their style of dress, body language, attitude, dialogue. What factors, other than gender, do you think the suffragettes are highlighting to strengthen their argument? Do you agree with this stance?

Taken from: Punch
Author / Creator: Bernard Partridge
Date: 1905
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: c.121.g.1, Vol 1