The campaign for women's suffrage

Many of the freedoms and rights we enjoy today were won after long struggles and intensive campaigns. The campaign for women's suffrage is one example. This resource allows you to explore a range of sources from this campaign - from pamphlets published by the NUWSS to newspaper accounts of Emily Davison's militant action at the Epsom Derby. Detailed information about each source is available, as are biographies of the campaign's key figures and a timeline and glossary.

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The campaign for suffrage - a historical background

A wealth of information about the campaign for women's suffrage including biographies, a glossary and a timeline.


The campaign for suffrage - source material

Examine historical sources from the campaign for women's suffrage - from a speech by Christabel Pankhurst to a badge worn by female anti-suffrage campaigners.

The Campaign for Women's Suffrage

Campaign for Women's Suffrage (Summary)

Explore the campaigning techniques used by the suffragists and suffragettes to gain women the right to vote in the early 20th century.