Talked Out!


The Women's Enfranchisement Bill reached the second reading stage in Parliament in 1907 but was talked out. This parliamentary procedure is still used today. Opponents of a Bill continue debate beyond the time fixed for voting, so that no vote can be taken and the Bill fails. Supporters of the Bill protested loudly outside Parliament and the police were called to keep order.

This report is taken from a speech made by a male supporter to a meeting of the Women's Social and Political Union. The speaker also refers to the Household Suffrage Act of 1867, which gave male householders the vote and the Ballot Act of 1871, which introduced the secret ballot.

Taken from: Talked Out!
Author / Creator: Israel Zangwill
Publisher: Women's Social and Political Union
Date: 8 March 1907
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
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