New Lanark - discipline


The commentator Henry MacNab visited the Scottish Mill community of New Lanark and wrote a full account of Robert Owen's pioneering work on social welfare and community living in his book 'The New Views of Mr Owen of Lanark' (1819). He was particularly interested in Robert Owen's strict, but reformist approach to discipline. Owen adopted a carrot and stick approach. Employees could, for example, be dismissed for failing to turn up to work or for other offences which today would warrant a lesser punishment. His intention was to reward honesty and hard work as well as punish wrong doing. Drunkenness and deceitful behaviour were not tolerated.

Taken from: The New Views of Mr Owen of Lanark
Author / Creator: Henry Gray MacNab
Date: 1819
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 959.e.8