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Explore the history of South Asians in Britain between 1858 and 1950 using this interactive timeline. Browse contemporary accounts, posters, pamphlets, diaries, newspapers, political reports and illustrations, all evidence of the diverse and rich contributions Asians have made to British life. Launch the Asians in Britain Timeline now.

Timelines: Sources from History

As an alternative to the Asians in Britain timeline, view Asians in Britain content alongside hundreds of other historical sources, in our history interactive, Timelines: Sources from History.

Timelines: Sources from History


The Asians in Britain timeline was written by Rozina Visram, Florian Stadtler and Susheila Nasta, and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Open University, the British Library and the World Collections Programme as part of the project ‘Beyond the Frame: Indian British Connections’ (2011-12).