Source 5 of 8: The Armada's Progress

The Route taken by the Spanish Armada

The Armada off the coast of Cornwall

The Armada off the Isle of Wight

The Armada off the coast of Kent

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A series of charts showing the route of the Armada, the extent of the English pursuit and those towns which contributed ships to the English fleet.

During July 1588 the Spanish Armada sailed up the English Channel. The aim was to meet with the forces of the Duke of Parma, Governor-General of the Netherlands (then part of the King of Spain's empire). There was a series of running battles between the Spanish and English ships from the ports on the South coast. 

The Armada was meant to take Parma's army across to England but they failed to meet up and the Armada had to sail around the British Isles to get back to Spain. Most historians agree that it was a very poor plan, with little chance of success.