Activities for learners

Activity One

Cromwell on horseback 1650.
Cromwell on horseback 1650.
  • Look carefully at the images of Oliver Cromwell.
  • Does the image present Cromwell in a favourable/ unfavourable or neutral light? Which side do you think created the image?
  • What messages about Cromwell's activities and achievements do you think they are carrying and how are these messages brought out by different parts of the pictures?
  • How do the images reflect the information presented in the background notes?
  • Give each picture your own caption.

Activity Two

  • Collect other images of political or cultural leaders showing them in a good or bad light. They can be of contemporary leaders or historical figures.
  • Write background notes yourself and explain what messages you think the images are putting across.
  • Present your images as a display, slideshow or multimedia presentation.