Activities for learners

1. Investigation: How did the English policy of Plantation affect Ireland in the 16th century?

Below is a list of possible views or claims about the time of Plantation. For each view, list which of the given sources support this view and whether you think the source is likely to be trustworthy. 

  • The English persecuted Catholic priests
  • The Irish were uncivilized
  • Plantation was cruel
  • Plantation brought the English and Irish together
  • The Irish hated the settlers who took their lands
  • Plantation changed the landscape


2. Activity: Propaganda

Can you think of any time recently when you read something (maybe) a poster, an  advertisement, a film, a speech or a story in a newspaper which was in fact propaganda.

  • Did it give all the facts?
  • Did it give a balance of different people's views?
  • Did it spread ideas? Did it convince you to think in a certain way?
  • Did it make you react in a strong way?

Collect as many examples of you can of material which you consider to be propaganda, to discuss in class.