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Image of a plantation estate.

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An engraving of the Castle of Cahir and its estates, 1599.

The picture shows an estate settled in the Plantation of Munster. It is likely that the layout and organisation of this land would have been very different before the Munster Plantation began in the 1580s.

This image shows the changes that Plantation brought to the landscape of Ireland. The patchwork of enclosed fields was new to Ireland, and in fact these enclosures were relatively new in England. In addition to the new farming methods, the settlers in this area brought the English language, religion and customs. In addition, if the worst happened and the Irish rebelled, there was a strong fortress which would be very difficult to attack.


  • Imagine you are an English planter writing a letter home describing the estate and what changes you have made since settling here?
  • Imagine you are an Irish farmer and you are writing a letter (to a friend) about the change since the English settled here? What sorts of thing would you mention?- social, political or economic? Try to imagine a event or happening which brought a great deal of change - how did you feel?