Source 6 of 6: Massacres of Protestants



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Drawings from 'Ireland: Or a Booke: Very Usefull for all sorts of people, that have or may have interest in their Kingdome', an English book published in 1646.
These drawings were drawn as England was rocked by Civil War and Ireland was being ruled by a Catholic Confederacy which had overthrown royal authority in 1641-2.
The drawings are blatant propaganda. Reports in the book suggested that some 200,000 died in the rebellion, but there were not that many Protestants in Ulster at the time. There certainly were atrocities committed by both Catholics and Protestants. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of these pictures is that it gives us an idea about what the sides thought of each other and what they were prepared to believe the other side had done. Clearly religion and the loss of land in Ulster played a large part in making the Ulster Rebellion so savage.


  • Why do you think these images are so strong?
  • What sort of a reaction they are designed to provoke from the reader?
  • Think of a list of words that describes your reaction.