Teacher's Notes

British Library Learning inspires people to develop their research skills. This enquiry based approach will get students thinking, talking and challenging. The primary aim of the investigation is to assess the impact of the policy of Plantation and support that assessment with evidence. Once again, it is important to appreciate the perspective from which the original source is taken, and to stress the factors of bias and reliability.

Some key questions which you may find useful when discussing Plantation are:

  • Was it the right policy?
  • Was it the wrong policy?
  • Was it the right policy but carried out inadequately?
  • Could it ever have been carried out properly?
  • Was the antagonism a result of Plantation or of other factors?

Bear in mind also that 'right' and 'wrong' in the questions above should be viewed in the context of whose perspective is being considered.


The activity on propaganda gives students the chance to use their creativity and own research skills to track down modern day examples of propaganda. They could use their examples as the basis for a class discussion or maybe use them in an art and design activity.