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Medical knowledge of the plague at the time was limited and medical literature often presented confused observations and conclusions. This is one of the better medical works. In fact, it was the standard medical work consulted by physicians and surgeons at the time of the plague of 1665.

It was written and based on the observation of a Dutch doctor called Ysbrand van Diemerbroeck. It was originally in Latin, but this is a 1666 English translation of the work. It is written in short chapters, each telling a history of a plague patient, and the measures which were unsuccessful or successful in curing them. Each chapter is concluded with a rule advising doctors what to do.

Taken from: 'Tractatus de Peste or Several Choice Histories of the Medicines, Manner and Method used in the Cure of the Plague written By that Famous (and in this Disease) Incomparable Physitian'.
Creator: I. Diemerbroick
Publisher: Mathew Keinton, London
Date created: 1666
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 1167.a.33