His Majesties reasons for with-drawing himself from Rochester

His magesties reasons. A handbill published 1688
Withdrawing from Rochester.
Withdrawing from Rochester.

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A printed handbill published in December 1688.

When James was allowed to escape a second time he left behind a hand-written note explaining why he was fleeing to France, together with instructions that his note should be published. This is the printed version of that note. In the first paragraph he complains about his treatment and blames William particularly for his situation. His reasons for leaving are in the first half of the second paragraph.

In this document James is setting out all the ways in which he feels he has been badly treated. In the first half of the document he is complaining mainly about the way he was bundled out of the country. He expected 'better usage' than to have his friend and messenger imprisoned, and to be thrown out of his palace in the middle of the night. In the second half of the document James criticises William for invading his country for no reason at all. He also resents what William has been saying about him as a ruler. He is particularly upset by William's accusation that James' son is not his own. 

Taken from: His Majesties Reasons for withdrawing himself from Rochester.
Author / Creator: James II
Publisher: [Rochester]
Date: Dec 22, 1688
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 10804.e.12, T.100.(198), G.5302.(58)