Activity 2 - Ghettos and Deportation

In 1942, Jan Karski, a Polish courier, came to Britain with a summary of reports on the treatment of Jews in Polish ghettos. His reports alerted people in Great Britain to the plight of the Jews in Eastern Europe.

  • Imagine you belong to an underground partisan group. Collate information about the ghetto from these testimonies in order to inform the outside world of conditions there. Record, for example, how the Jewish Councils operated and how children were involved in smuggling operations.

2. Many difficult moral choices were made during the Holocaust.

  • Fill in the Student worksheet: Choices . Do you think you may have made different decisions? What are the dangers of judging people with the benefit of hindsight? See the Chronology to find out about the events of the Holocaust.

3. Some people managed to write notes and throw them from deportation trains.

  • Listen to the testimonies in Topic 2
  • Using evidence from these accounts, write a note to throw from the train warning others of your experiences. Try to describe your thoughts, feelings and the effects a journey such as this might have.

4. Do you consider policemen to be guilty of helping the Nazis carry out their extermination of the Jews?

  • Listen to the testimonies from this section and read the Information card: Jewish Policemen .
  • Act out a court case defending/prosecuting the role of the Jewish policemen during the Holocaust.